Mother of Pearl - Ocean Luxury Secrets of the Sea

The Mother of Pearl Ocean Luxury Journey is an eclectic combination of traditional and modern modalities culminating into a truly relaxing experience.
It commences with a healing contrast bath in our Hydrotonic  pool – which provides gentle and stress free muscle stimulation. This is followed by one of our Chromotherapy Steam options (Tonic for revitalizing , Relax for  calming, Purify for detoxification, Excite for energizing) and mild Cryotherapy at the Mulia Spa ice room (which counts among its benefits increased resistance to jet lag and enhanced oxygen supply to muscle tissues). The dry body brushing and Jasmine Scrub with Mother of Pearl Powder (infused with SOD – Superoxide Dismutase) reduces perioxidation - one of the body’s most destructive aging processes. The perfect cap to this treatment is the thorough muscle work provided by the Balinese Massage leaving you in optimum well being and in utter holistic bliss.